Saturday, January 18, 2014

Floods and Folly Five for Friday!

Floods and Folly
Five for Friday!
These pics might be a few weeks late, but I just had to share a spectacular afternoon with some of the sweetest girls in OHIO!
Our Columbus Teacher Blogger meet-up was SO MUCH FUN and I am so lucky to have new teaching friends so close to home!
Pictured above: back row: Me, Emily, Jennie, Sarah, Lisa, 
Front row: Jenny, Sarah & Christina!
Below: Emily, me, and Jenny.
Now these amazing ladies aren't just great blogging friends,
but WOW, do they have some GENIUS ideas!
Click here to read this awesome technique that Emily uses to teach fluency to her first graders.  Christina has a super-easy way to break the letter/number reversals too!  Click here for more details!
The week of January 6-10 was a nightmare for Northwest Ohio.
The POLAR VORTEX decided to make a week-long pit-stop and Old Man Winter was on the attack.  We had ANOTHER week off from school and this is what I walked into Monday morning.
Water pipes burst on the main floor of our school building...
Inches of water over the weekend....
And EVERYTHING that was touching the floor-level in my classroom was ruined.  All the white bookshelves and books on the bottom shelf....saturated.
The bookcases were bubbling and cracking with moisture.
Mold spots already.
There is an empty classroom next to mine so I began pulling things over there to dry out...  This week, I have called it the "Salvage Room."

Bulletin Board sets that I have made over the years were sopping wet....and getting moldy.

These few tables of books are just a bit damp but I am trying to save them.

The custodians have taken 10 loads of trash out...and counting.
Lost 21 big books too.
So sad.
Loss total approximately $3,200.00
Now I must say that if you're not a teacher, it is hard to wrap your brain around this kind of loss.  Most people will just say,
"That is what insurance is for."  However, in the profession of teaching, there is a certain hidden value that sometimes can't be replaced.  Teachers spend days, weeks, and if your like me, years  collecting and creating resources... To see it all washed away, well it's been pretty heartbreaking  On the brighter side, God did do his best to shelter my classroom from total despair.  Thank goodness the sprinkler system did not burst-loose!  Can you imagine!  Everything in my classroom and storage room would have been a total loss.  I would have needed the white straight jacket if that happened!
I needed lots of shoulders to lean on this week and I am so fortunate that so many of you were there for me, even if it was through texts and emails.  Your support and inspiration was just what I needed to get my self going again.
Nothing like being knee-deep in gross wet soggy messes and hearing that "ping" on my iPad and phone.  I knew it was more encouragement!  THANK YOU for being there!
Now when I tend to have a bad day,
or a bad flood,
I get ART on the brain!
Art soothes my soul and the kids and I can share in some really creative conversations about what they are thinking and feeling.
I grabbed Nancy V's "We're Gonna Knock Your Socks Off!" New Year's unit and it was a blast!
We brainstormed some of our goals for the new year-
Then decorated our hallway bulletin board with this!

Friday was my favorite kind of day with the kids...
How do these young little minds understand "form" and "perspective" in art?  This type of snowman is pretty common....
But can you let your mind ZOOM IN to see just part of it?
How can you show me your perspective?
Let your mind be a camera and your eyes the lens.
Zoom in,
take a picture in your  mind,
and draw it.

I found this gem snowman project two years ago on Pinterest.
First, direct draw the outline of the snowman in black marker.
Then use white chalk to shade in the head and body.
Next, add color chalk for the hat and scarf.
Add the carrot nose.
Now use black oil pastel chalk to outline the snowman and give that POP for detail!  Laminate and you've got a masterpiece!
This made my heart smile!
And after a tough week,
my kids reminded me that the most important things in life,
are the special moments we share and learn together!

Now besides a bag-full of school work to do over the long 3-day weekend, I have a Pinterest inspired wedding idea that I am working on!  Instead of using the traditional card box at the reception, I bought this bird cage and will jazz it up with my colors navy and pink!
Stay warm and thanks again for being such great listeners and friends!

This five for Friday was brought to you by Doodle Bugs Teaching!


  1. The snowmen are beautiful! So sorry about the flood.

  2. Those snowmen are SO stinking cute Julie!! :) Ugh and my heart breaks every time I see those pictures of your room. :( Sending lots of hugs that everything gets cleaned up for you and replaced as best as possible. Love the blogger meet up pictures! I had so much fun meeting you! We need to all get together again this spring! :)

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your classroom. I know how very hard it is to lose our "stuff." We lost our entire school to a propane explosion/fire in 2000 and it was devastating. Many people from all of the US donated items to us. We were so fortunate to have so many people help us. I hope you will be able to save some of your things. Liz in South Dakota

  4. So sorry to see all the things you lost, it has the be heartbreaking. Living on the hurricane coastline, I always get worried when one gets close as we have to move everything from the windows and off the floors. It makes you so nervous to see what you might come back to once it passes. God speed to you and all your fellow teachers in trying to get all back to normal.

  5. OH my!!! I think that would be so hard to see! We hope this week is off to a better start!

  6. Julie,
    I am heartsick for your loss of so many treasures!!! I know I would have been crazy with sadness to lose so many books! I am putting together a literature care package for you! I have so many duplicates of favorite books I want to share with you! Please e-mail me your school address.
    BTW! I love your sweet snowmen!! You have some talented kids with a talented teacher to guide them!

  7. Oh Julie, I'm so sorry about your classroom-- I had no idea! I'm so glad you are able to keep a positive outlook!! Good luck with the rest of the clean up efforts!!

    PS: Your perspective snowmen are ADORABLE!!

    EduKate and Inspire

  8. I can't believe your room!! Us teachers really understand. Oh my!! I wish I lived closer to help the "clean up!" This winter has been CRAZY! Spring is very welcome to come early :)
    Curious Firsties


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