Saturday, February 1, 2014

Don't miss these SWEET FREEBIES for Valentine's Day!

It's February 1st and you know what that means!
Only 13 days left until the sweetest celebration of the year.
I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day is at the top of my first grade favorites list! 
I hose the room down with red and pink
and bask in the sweetness of candies and love notes! 
And speaking of LOVE notes,
I received the mostly lovely invitation from my Firstie Friend Sarah Paul this week!  She asked if I would interested in being a new author for a teaching blog called "Classy Collaboration."
I was tickled pink at the invitation and said YES with a smile stretching ear to ear!
The authors of Classy Collaboration would like to invite you to join our FREEBIE LINKY with some sweet treats that are sure to make your Valentine's Day celebrations a huge success!
Hop along, grab your freebies, and leave a little love at each blog!
My special little freebie for you is a science LOVE POTION activity that will be a tasty treat for your sweeties!
Click on the image below to download.

Now my recipe for LOVE POTION is much like a Shirley Temple.
A classic Shirley Temple is made with Ginger Ale and a garnish of lime or citrus.
Canadia-style Shirley Temple.jpg
I like mine made with grenadine syrup and Sprite instead!
Much sweeter and looks fabulous!

Mixing Directions:
Distribute a straw and clear plastic cup along with a can of soda to each student.
(Be sure to have the class make their Love Potion Predictions BEFORE starting!)
If you are making the heart-shaped ice cubes, I would suggest putting the ice cubes in first.
The kids will fill their cups 3/4 full with Sprite.
Then I will come around and add a "splash" of "love potion" (aka: grenadine) to their cups. This is always the fun part to watch the Sprite turn red!   Finally, top it off with maraschino cherries and  your Valentine's Day LOVE POTION is complete!  Drink and feel the bubbly potion fill your heart with love!
You could even add more toppings like whipped cream or sherbet ice cream!

And speaking of sweet treats, I just finished my parent letters that will be going home next week asking for supplies for Valentine's Day.  Click here or on the images below to grab a copy!

Our Sweets for the Sweet Blog Hop will be open throughout the month of February.  If you have a 10 page or less forever freebie in your google drive, link up with us!  Be sure to link back to our Collaborative Blog,  Classy Collaboration and don't forget to add us to your reading list!
Enjoy the freebies!
With Love,


  1. This looks awesome Julie!! Thank you so much. We are so happy to have you at A Classy Collaboration. :)

    1. Sarah, you totally make my day leaving comments like this! I am so blessed to have you as a friend!

    2. Thank you for the love potion and "how to" writing. Please give specific directions for the "dummy" for mixing the potion. Pour the soda in the cup? When to add ice, when to add grenadine, etc.? Thanks for directions!!!!!


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