Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm Lovin' Daily 5: February Edition!

Snowed in.  Again.  Calamity Day #14.
I was going to bury myself under the covers and watch reruns of Scandal, but then I saw Becca Foxwell's Daily 5 linky party going on and I suddenly had the urge to get in teacher-mode and share some goodies with all of you!
Did ya see?
The newest edition of the Sisters' Daily 5 book is out on book stands now!  WOOT, WOOT!

The lovely Lisa Mattes over at Growing Firsties had the most amazing post this week regarding Book Box organization.
This is an absolutely wonderful tutorial for setting up Read to Self book boxes in your classroom library!  Click on her image to read more!  
My sweet Firstie Friend Leslie Clark, author of 
has just shared these lovely 
Stop on over and check them out!  ADORABLE!

My favorite teaching duo over at Fluttering Through First Grade has me all gitty!  Definitely excited to get these bookmarks ready for "read to someone" and "read with the teacher!"
Fluency Building Bookmarks & Comprehension Cards

Some fabulous Firstie Friends of mine have shared some amazing resources that are perfect additions to Word Work this month!
Click on the images for more details!
Valentines Math and Literacy Stations--Common Core Aligned
My sweet friend Christina, from over at Sugar and Spice has these very kid-friendly word wheels that my first graders are gobbling up at the moment!
Word Work Wheels! {Spice Up Your Word Work Center}
Our hostess of today's Daily 5 linky, Becca Foxwell, has this awesome CVCE unit available on TPT!  
Frozen e {a magical CVCe phonics unit}
Here's a peek at my Frozen E tub-
I was having trouble finding a fancy wand so I grabbed one of my guided reading fly swatters and used that instead!
Becca's awesome Word Work materials include:

The kids were begging me for their own Magic E wands
The Frozen E in action!
A few more games have been introduced to Word Work too!
I bought all of these games from Really Good Stuff and School Specialty.
Sound Hounds-
Schoola Hoop Contractions
POP! for Phonics!
POP! for Sight Words
Return Sweep Sight Word Pyramids

As many of you know, I am using my Critter Cafe to help my little ones make stronger connections with reading strategies!  
HOPPY HARE is visiting our listening center and reminding students to be good listeners as they listen to fluent, expressive reading.

Show me the LOVE!
For Work on Writing this month, we have several fun word walls to reference in the classroom.
The Phonics Phenomenon shared this super-cute unit with me and let's just say my kids are LOVING our new February Word Wall!  Click on the image to check it out!
February Word Bank --VISUAL STYLE:)
Don't miss the adorable story starters created by
Just Wild About Teaching!
Write This & Draw That!  {writing story starters with topi
And the very SWEET Haley O'Connor has these adorable random acts of kindness that my kids are enjoying very much!
Spread A Little Love! {Random Acts of Kindness Packet for
Another FABULOUS Work on Writing Choice this month is writing LETTERS to our First Grade PenPals in Kansas!
We made a little PEN PAL station in our room and here's a peek-
The kids are using their February Word Wall and writing the most adorable letters to their pen pals!
This pen pal project is more like making a book because it has a front and back cover too!

Last year, my sweet friend Kelly, author of 
shared a post on children's author MO WILLEMS and after reading it, I was hooked! I ran out and bought ALL of his books and I just ordered a stuffed pigeon too!  Mo is now our January Author/Illustrator of the month and due to all the delays and snow days, he has sprinkled into our February studies as well!  
Now your probably going to ask....How does MO fit into CAFE?
It's the perfect fit for studying AUTHOR'S PURPOSE!
We launched Purpose PIG from our Critter Cafe and have been using the PIE anchor chart alot to check our understanding of WHY Mo writes the way he does.....

Is MO trying to PERSUADE us?
Inform us?
Entertain us?
Needless to say, the kids picked that concept up very quickly, especially after using Purpose PIG to gobble up parts of the pie!  Those daily visuals that make us laugh or think is just the simple connection students need to retain those big strategy ideas!
 As luck would have it, our weekly SCHOLASTIC NEWS magazines were an author study and bio. on MO!  It showed an awesome video on MO and the steps he takes to edit his work.
Then I went back, and looked at the CAFE strategies again...
How cool!  We can add two more this week because they tie in so nicely with FLUENCY!

We used The Worminator to differentiate between the 4 types of first grade sentences.  
The kids are hooked!
Now its time to make the transfer from reading to writing.
Encouraging the kids to use these four types of sentences in their daily writing is something all first grade teachers hope for!
I am using the prompts:
What would Mo do?
How would Mo write that sentence?
I think the kids want to make Mo just as happy as they do me!

Another MO favorite coming in April!
I've just pre-ordered mine on Amazon!
And this is a great video to share with your kids right before the release of his new book....Get them thinking and predicting what that silly pigeon is up to next!
You can also visit Mo Willems' website for a complete biography and tons of fun freebies by Mo!   Click here!

Mo Willems unit
CMOM Productions: Mo Fun Projects    Mo Willems Inspired Projects

That's all for now friends!
Stay warm and toasty!
Many HUGS,


  1. I LOVED reading this post Julie, so many great ideas for all the components of The Daily Five. Thanks so much for the shout out, you are so thoughtful. I am super excited about the new Mo Willems book, just ordered it too. Your ideas for Author's Purpose are awesome, they have inspired me.

  2. Great post friend!! I was so excited to see my word banks in use!! It made my day. I would like to check the new Daily 5 book out:)

  3. Such a great post Julie!!! So many great resources in one place! It was SO fun to see Frozen E in use by your kiddos! :) Thanks so much for the sweet shout out!

    Becca :)
    First Grade in Foxwell Forest

  4. Hi Julie!

    Hasn't this just been the forever winter already? I loved your post and taking a peek into all of your fun classroom activities. Your critters, and the creative ways you use them, are adorable! Thanks, as always, for sharing your ideas with all of us!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. No words to describe that have not already been used. This is fabulous!!!!! Definitely will have to come back once the kids are in bed so I can dissect every.little.bit.of.goodness that you shared. Love to you my special friend!


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