Sunday, June 21, 2015

#TPT Seller Challenge & A Fabulous Freebie Just for Stopping By!

Happy Sunday friends!  I am so excited to be joining the talk of the town this week!  Have you heard?  The PeppyZestyTeacherista and several friends are hosting #TPTSeller Challenge and being on vacation, I thought what better way to spice things up a bit!  
OF COURSE I take the challenge!!

My first TPT product makeover begins with WILD about Sight Words-
This teacher challenge was entirely worth it because then I got the real creative juices flowing and decided I wanted to spice up a few more products! :)  #Ilovethisnewchallenge!
As many of you know I am a HUGE advocate for building in student-led self assessment tools in the classroom.
I created this 4-point scale rubric to use as a quick and easy way to assess student understanding of each & every mini-lesson throughout the teaching day.  It has been a HUGE success with my first graders for the past two years.
If you already own this lovely little unit, please head on over to TPT for a new download!
And now that I have Self-Assessment on the brain, why not create a  new kid-friendly rubric for let's say......WRITING!!!
POOF!  Done.
This new RATE YOUR WRITING scale stream-lines beautifully with the same corresponding 4-point scale as mentioned above.
I intentionally left off the number cards because I feel it is so important to have a strong introduction to each level of writing followed by an opportunity for students to play with the numbers and RATE the posters themselves.  This allows them to have meaningful connections with this new grading scale that will become a very integral part of their learning day.
I plan on taping  the reference ladders to student desks and giving students that same opportunity to practicing rating the levels of writing again- Students will get 4 mini-dot stickers, color-code the stickers to match our Levels of Understanding posters, and then with pencil or marker, write each number in so they are fully participating in their new learning.
If you think this product might be something useful for your classroom of little learners, click here or on the image above for more details.  Did I mention it's FREE on TPT?  Thank you for leaving your encouraging feedback on this item!  In doing so, I am challenging myself to create more and more products this summer!

There are hundreds of other teachers just like me participating in the #TPTSeller Challenge so be sure to grab a refreshing drink and follow along!  We will be back next week with a new challenge!

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  1. Julie, Fabukous job!! Love the makeovers. How did I miss the rating scale from before? It's in my wishlist now!!! Sometime I want to talk about sight words... Hope you have a sunny Sunday.


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