Thursday, February 25, 2016

Room 102's First Annual 100th Day STEM Celebration!

One of my most treasured days of teaching in first grade is the 100th Day of School! 
 This is my 14th year of 100th Day madness and I absolutely LOVE IT!

There is definitely some prep work that goes into running a smooth day.
Two weeks before the big day, I send home reminders like this one-
So that on the BIG day, we can have some excited first graders ready to celebrate!
Take a look at this year's amazing 100th day t-shirt designs!
This sweetie glued on a 100 piece puzzle to her shirt!
This guy was totally stoked and dressed in style!
Some kiddos were so excited, they designed the front AND back of their shirts!

The class voted, and this sweetie pie WON for best 100th Day gumball machine!
My 100th Day schedule looked something like this:
This year, we have an added 4th first grade teacher, so that got me thinking of trying a STEM project for the first time!  Now if your wondering what STEM is...
It  stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  
I got to work on creating a schedule that all four teachers could really enjoy and implement....
Here is what we decided on:
I was the lucky duck in charge of the ENGINEERING piece.
Here's a look at my building materials/tubs-
There were four 25 minute rotations and let me tell you that it was so awesome to see new kids from the other classrooms!  Here's a sneak peek at our Engineers busy at work!!!

The Smart Art table was a HUGE hit!!!

A little rule of thumb:
Students were given easy directions when entering the room.
No more than 2 friends at every tub/station.  
If you finished one station early, you could move on to another as long as it was "open"
The boys called this "The 100-floor Skyscraper!"
Their rationale: Each cube counted as ten and their goal was to get 10 cubes to the top!

This pair was adorable!  Creating a fairytale castle out of 100 shapes blocks.

I think the most favored station was POWER TOWER!
Who knew Solo Cups could be this fun!!!

Our STEM rounds were incredibly fun and successful!  The other teachers had a blast too!
It was the perfect way to get ALL of our favorite 100th day activities done in ONE DAY!
After lunch and recess, we came back to more celebrating with one of  my all-time favorite 100th Day read-alouds!    

After reading all about the 100 scrumptious things the Wolf made, we decided to make our own stew to celebrate our 100th day of learning in Room 102!
Our ingredients:
Mix well and PRESTO!
Our 100th Day Stew is ready to eat!

Can you tell it was good!!!

After our yummy snack,  we couldn't wait to begin our inferring lesson using our 100th Day Mystery Bags!
Each student gave 3 clues like this one-

What a perfect lesson to practice inferring!
Finally, we brainstormed what it would be like at 100 years old....
The kids had a blast writing about their 100th Birthday and getting 100 presents!!!
I found a fun app called AGING BOOTH in the app store!
Click here to check it out!

It was such a fabulously fun day!
Especially when this cutie delivers this note to me right before going home....
How awesome is that!!!  PUFFY HEART 100th Day!!

I FINALLY complied one file of my 100th Day forms and schedule.  I am happy to share that with you!  Click here or on the image below to view the forms in google docs! :)

I also have these two fabulous 100th Day freebies in my TPT store!
Click on the images to grab each one!
100 Chews Experiment

100 Licks Experiment

I hope this post is helpful and will make your 100th Day Celebration as exciting as mine!


  1. You are such an amazing teacher! What a FUN day!

  2. Fantastic as always!!! Gotta save this for next year... Great ideas and excitement!

  3. HOW DARLING ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    100th day STEAM say what.
    Teacher of the year!!!!!

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