Sunday, October 29, 2017

Around the Campfire in Room 111: Our Weekly News for October 27, 2017

Happy belated SWEETEST Day to you!
 These gorgeous flowers reminded me this week to slow down and smell the roses....literally!
 Such an abundance of warmth and color to appreciate this fall season!
 Just a few of my favorite things....
 In math, we are having so much fun exploring 2-Dimensional shapes!
Ask your student how to demonstrate "equal parts" with a piece of paper.
 Here we are showing two equal parts and four equal parts.
 She's got it!!!
We also introduced some of our favorite 3-Dimensional shapes too! 

To make our learning more concrete,
students were given a set number of marshmallows and toothpicks on a plate and asked to construct a pyramid and cube. 

 He's mastered the cube!

 What a fun way to teach about vertices and sides!

In Social Skill-Building this week,
we added more details to our Reflection Station-
 We reviewed the steps in HOW to APOLOGIZE-
 and here is our little Reflection Station-
I wanted it at the kids level so they could walk up to it and read through the steps correctly, with no teacher help, and this spot works perfectly for that!
I am using this fabulous unit from Lyndsey Kuster for our Reader's Workshop this week!
Bats {A Complete Non-fiction Bat Resource}
Here is our focus wall, jammed-packed with batty goodness!
 We are continuing to ask good questions before, during, and after we read!
 Some Bat Facts we love!!!
 A few of our favorite fiction bat stories!
 We are spicing up our introduction to Word Categories (such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives) with something new this year!
I grabbed a few images from Google and made these recording sheets for each word category- 
 Each day after our close reading of our text, we would dive back in to search for these particular words in the text!
Here we are recording all of the bat NOUNS we found in our text on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we went back, reread the text, with the purpose of finding adjectives related to bats!

Thursday was our HUNT for VERBS!!!

Then we added these fabulous bat words to our "Work on Writing" binders so students would be able to reference and reflect on these types of different words for the rest of the year!
This was probably the most fun way I have ever introduced teaching nouns, verbs, and adjectives!
I plan on following the same format with the 3 recording sheets and changing out the photos for new themes we encounter each week.
 I definitely think this is a way to EXPAND their growing vocabularies both in conversation and through writing.
 The bat unit has 3 differentiated leveled readers included, so students were reading the same book, just at varying levels of complexity.
 Liam rocked his fluency with his version of "All About Bats!"
 Partnerships had multiple exposures to this text throughout the week to build fluency and celebrate our new vocabulary words!

 By Thursday, I had little love notes on my table requesting we do a BAT drawing, so this teacher couldn't resist such a sweet request!

Our Daily 5 rotations are developing nicely...
Slow and Steady we go!
We have added an I-Chart for Technology-
The addition of EXPERT Tech Helpers have eliminated teacher interruptions by 98%! 
 Clark and Aria were the first two applicant trainees I worked with last week.  I went through every possible "tech hiccup scenario" with them and we discussed a ton of different problem solving tips too!  This week, they were so excited to have their "Tech Help Station" and it worked so well!
They were able to work on their technology choice while taking on questions from a few other friends that encountered difficulty.  
I was able to work with my small group with no interruptions this week!
 Currently, we have scheduled daily tech choices for students to choose from.  (see I-Chart).  More will be added throughout the remainder of the year but this seems like a good start to us!

 Friday was our annual FALL FESTIVAL and we celebrated SPOOKLEY style with his read aloud and square pumpkin art project!
 If your going to go big.....
GO BIG!!!!
Here's are cuties out in front of the tractor before our hayride!  Making memories every day!!!!
 A very special thank you to our 2 most recent Celebrities of the Week!
Miss Makayla, you are too precious for words! 
 Thank you for sharing your favorites with us!

 Mr. Chevy!
Your hugs and love make each day so special!
 Remember me when you are a famous artist and author some day!!!
Never stop asking Great Questions!!!!
Well folks, that's all for now!
Have a very safe and relaxing weekend!
Mrs. DiBenedetto


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