Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Magic of Christmas Through Their Eyes.... It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year in Room 111!

Welcome Back Parents, Family, and Blogging Friends to this very special Holiday Edition of our classroom news in Room 111.
December swooped in and the action has been non-stop!  First up, a week of learning all about Caribou!
We added some new vocabulary words to our focus wall so be sure to ask your student to explain each one to you!
It was amazing reading all about Caribou including all their important parts for survival!
There are so many wonderful activities I found in this unit-
Caribou {A Complete Nonfiction Resource}
We intertwined our Critter Cafe's Comprehension Strategy of Main Idea and Key Details
using our favorite furry friend, DIGGER DOG!
Digger Dog taught us how to "dig out the details" found in our non-fiction text on Caribou.
Then we used this really cool graphic organizer to record all those fun details!

The kids stopped me and said, Mrs. D, you take so many pictures of us, where are the photos of you???
Splendid question indeed!!!
Time for a teacher selfie!!!
Back to those Caribou!!
We spent several days really digging deeper each time back into the text to find more interesting things about Caribou.
Then it was time to show off their new-found knowledge with this really awesome TRUE/FALSE caribou sort!

We had so many new and interesting things that we wanted to share on the topic of Caribou, that we decided to make a very fabulous FUN FACTS booklet to write and record our new learning!
Love her attention to details!!

During Writer's Workshop each day, we added new information to our books and finally, as students were finalizing little details, they would bring their completed Caribou Books up the whiteboard, Rate it, Hang it up, and move right into a self-led Directed Drawing of none other than.... a Reindeer!!!

Okay, these are just too adorable!!!

Week 2 was jam-packed with many fun versions of The Gingerbread Man!
Mr. Liam did an incredible job with this version!!

I was over-the-moon-excited when I realized that our Scholastic News Weekly Readers were on the topic of Gingerbreads too!  This was the perfect opportunity to springboard into HOW-TO writing!

We were very impressed at the process of making gingerbread cookies!!
Partnerships got together to highlight key vocabulary, discuss the "Step by Step" process, and completed a sequencing activity together.

It was an "OH SNAP!" kinda day!!!
I may love Gingerbread Week just a bit too much!!!
After such a great introduction to the STEP by STEP "how to" process, we focused our Writer's Workshop topic on that very same thing!
I let the kiddos keep their Weekly Readers out to use as a reference and I was so excited to see their creativity blossom with this narrative opportunity!

The last 8 days of school was a blur!
But we did it!!!
We were cheerfully-buzzing little Christmas elves making all kinds of gifts, and trying to remember the true art of Giving is more gratifying than receiving!
Hallway Art!!!

These ornaments were a HUGE HIT!
Get the freebie here---*freebie source

Cyber Monday sale after Thanksgiving ROCKED for me!!  I was able to purchase these plastic ornaments from Michaels-- (two) 12 packs for $9.00 total!!  It was the biggest deal of the year for me!  
This was our stuffing station!

I highly suggest regular size cotton balls over the jumbo size.  Fits easier!
This cutie was so happy!

Then I was stationed over at the painting table.

The drying station was very "crafty" indeed!!!
But how adorable are they!!!
Here is my sample-

The parents are going to love it!
and that makes us very happy!!!
Then we used some Holiday Cards I designed to write special notes to the family!

We even wrote our Wish List to Santa and shared it with the class!
Click on the link here for *my freebie Christmas Cards!
Then we used some Meijer Grocery Bags to decorate and dazzle up into Gift Bags!

Mr. Chevy was very pleased with his Gift Bag!

We made a coupon book for a gift-

After that, it was time to start loading the bags with holiday cheer!
We added all of our December Art projects, the Snowman Ornament, Christmas Cards, and the Coupon Book to the Gift Bag.

We stapled the top and POOF!!!
Gifts for the family are ready to go home!

Our last 3 days was a TON OF GRINCH FUN!!!
Thanks to my kind friend Nancy, over at First Grade WOW for sharing this incredibly amazing lessons and activities!
We did the Candy Cane STEAM activity and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!
Be sure to ask your student which liquid dissolved the candy cane first....then second....then last!

Thanks Aria for being our Recorder!

Time to get our GRINCH ON!!!

Chevy!!  Great job on the photo buddy! :)
The first grade team invited all first graders to dress like the Grinch or any book character from our story!
Look at these adorable Cindy-Lou's!


Green Grinch Jello!!!



GRINCH himself!

Feeling GRINCHY? Take a GRINCH pill!!!

After eating all those great snacks, I opened my presents from students.

I am one LUCKY teacher!
Feeling very blessed!
This inspiration jar tugged on the heartstrings!
It is so pretty!!

THANK YOU Parents and Family for thinking of me!!!

What do I do for the kids?
Well, in our class, we always do everything "buffet style" so this is just that-
I bought books from Scholastic-
Wrote a special message inside each one-

Added some sticker sheets-
Copies of our class photo-
a new stack of BOOMERANG folders-
and then wrap it WILDLY to make it look like Pete the Cat got ahold of the tape & wrapping paper!!!
We countdown, rip off the wrapping paper, and the kids are so darn excited to get in line and pick up their treasures from the teacher!
It was a magical time!
Sweet Chaos and Happy Hearts!
Thank you for stopping by and spending a little time with us!
I wish you and yours a very safe, relaxing, and joyous holiday season!

Merry Christmas from Room 111 :)
Mrs. DiBenedetto


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