Monday, February 19, 2018

Love is in the Air! Happy Valentine's Day from Room 111

There is something magical that brews up the week leading into Valentine's Day...
Extra hugs, Extra love notes....
It is the sweetest time to be a first grade teacher that is for sure!
I wanted to share that pure joy with the rest of the building so I made a little bulletin board display and asked the other teachers to invite their students to write down something they love about our school!
It began simply as this-
and ended up filling the entire wall with a TON of LOVE!!!
Mission accomplished!
So we started the day with a photo-op in front of our favorite backdrop!

These little love muffins are too precious!!!
Then we checked out all the cool Valentine's Day Mailboxes that were created!!!

Breakfast Buffet is now open!

Healthy makes my heart happy!!!

Then it was time for delivering some mail to our classmates!

Clark found the Fun Dip!
Look at that grin!

Once the kids returned from recess & lunch, we gathered for an interesting read aloud-

Each year I share this Scholastic Weekly News with them and it blows their minds that candy hearts are made this way!
I pre-planned an afternoon of fabulously fun Candy Hearts exploration for the kids!
I took all of my favorite candy heart science, engineering, and math activities and put them together in a cute little packet.  I did make the cover but all the goodies inside were purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers.
So every student picked up a Recording Book, 2 packages of hearts, 2 cups, a large Popsicle stick, index cards, and crayons.
After a thorough explanation of the activities in the packet, they partnered up and went off to choose their first candy heart experiment.
The girls above are sorting candy hearts by color and recording how many of each they have.
Clark is building a candy heart bridge to test how strong he can make the index card to hold all of his hearts!

Trace is testing out how many hearts he can use to balance the scale he made!

After sorting the hearts, the girls graphed their data and tallied up results.

Before you knew it, an hour and 20 minutes had blown by and it was time to conduct our class science experiment!
Hypothesis: Which of these liquids will completely dissolve a candy heart?

As we began to test our hypothesis, some immediate reactions were noticed!
The vinegar started to release slow bubbles...and the Mountain Dew was going crazy, making the candy heart jump all around inside the container.

So here we are after 45 minutes-

And after 90 minutes, the hearts were completely dissolved in the soda!
The kids had such a blast with that experiment!
In between the stages of discovery with the science experiment, the kiddos went off and finished some final measurements in their packets-

I think this was a HUGE SUCCESS!
The partnerships were on task and focused on their learning the entire time!!!
So for the last 20 minutes before our day ended, the kids had the choice to watch a Valentine's Day video OR do a free choice round....
Guess what they picked!
These girls are starting a book club and using Dr. Seuss as their inspiration!
Hey, can I come in and take a stretch in there???
I need to brag...just one time today!
My architects can literally build one of these in a matter of minutes! 
So much better than a video, right!

Teamwork makes the DREAM WORK!

This just makes my heart smile BIG!
It was noisy, and there were some crashes, but to hear their conversations about construction and building, and friendships, and having fun....
That is priceless!
Here's to spreading the LOVE all year long!


  1. Wonderful!! Would you link up the TpT resources that you used for the packets (or send an email to me with that info)? I would like to get a head start on next year...

    Love this (as always),

  2. Hello! Could you explain more about your free choice activities? Seeing your pictures makes me want to try the free choice in my room! I'm especially excited about the cups and building! Thanks for your help.

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